Weekly photo challenge: silence


This picture was taken just before dusk at Castlewood Canyon State Park in Colorado.  It was very peaceful and quiet, especially because we didn’t want to scare the deer away.  The deer knew we were there and seemed to look up from its grazing just long enough to let us take a picture.


Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks to the ceaseless reader writes for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  It is an honor to be nominated by a fellow blogger whose work I enjoy.  As per the award’s instructions I present the following: 

List of bloggers you nominate  for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1.  Niall O’Donnell


Great blog on word origins.  Lots of interesting etymology and history here.  It is all written in a conversational, entertaining way.

2.  LaRonda Moore


A mix of poetry, creative writing, and thoughtful essays.

3. Walt Walker


Engaging commentary on popular culture and politics and the place where they intersect.

4. Floridaborne


Hosts a weekly writing prompt and adds her own insightful musings here and there.

5. Marilyn Armstrong


Called serendipity for a reason.  A mix of political commentary, photography, and pondering: life, career, gender, etc.

7 things about myself:

1. I am a field technician for a major telecommunications company.  I am one of only a handful of women who work in the field in my area.

2. I just had a short story published in the Centum Press anthology 100 Voices: Volume 3, available this week on amazon.com.

3. I grew up on Long Island, and still return often to visit family, enjoy the world’s best pizza and bagels, and go to the beach.

4. I was married for fifteen years to an NYPD detective, but am now divorced.  I have my share of regrets, but getting divorced is not one of them.  I am now in a much happier relationship.

5.  I was raised very Catholic but have moved away from the church.  It is a great source of inner conflict  (good for my writing, I suppose).

6. I worked in a customer service call center for fifteen years.  I do not miss it.

7.  I consider myself a writer even though I am not as prolific as I might like.

I enjoy exploring wordpress although I don’t get nearly enough time to sift through all the stuff that’s out there to find more gems.  If I do I may add to the list of recommended bloggers.

I hope you find a few new people to follow and have learned a little about one of your WordPress neighbors.  Happy blogging!

Flash Fiction Challenge #103 Track 26

Photo Credit Dawn M. Miller

She nervously fidgeted on the worn wooden bench, staring at the board that would direct her to the track of her departing train. Almost everything that was important to her was stuffed in a duffel bag, bursting at the seams. She had opted for the train because it allowed her to disappear: no passport or ID needed. Just cash for a one-way ticket.

Fingering the wad of bills that she had unearthed from under the back porch, she thought of her new life ahead. Over the past months, with regular skimming from her weekly grocery allowance, it had grown to be possibly enough to get her started in a new city, far away from his watchful eyes and terrifying temper. Possibly.

The rows on the board flipped letters. There it was. Atlanta 1:22 train Track 26. Twenty minutes she sat paralyzed, gazing at the track number and destination on the board. She kept staring as the letters flipped again. The train was gone. Maybe next week.


Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge #103.

FFfAW Challenge 103

Thanks to Priceless Joy for the prompt and Dawn M. Miller for the photo.

Shared from WP: Ireland’s Forgotten Women

Ireland’s Forgotten Women

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What was done to the young ladies who were sent to the laundries was inexcusable.  I knew about the laundries but never heard about the connection to Hasbro before.  These were women of faith who were so mistreated by their own church.  Many clung to their faith and their church despite this.  If you watch the films “Philomena” (2013) and “The Magdelene Sisters” (2002) you can learn a bit about what happened to them.

One must question which is more evil: a young woman who becomes pregnant outside of wedlock or an authority figure of the church forcing teenaged girls into years of hard labor and then separating them from their babies for the sake of profit?

Flash Fiction Challenge: FFfAW Week of January 31, 2017

FFfAW Challenge January 31, 2017


Thank you to Jessica Haines for use of this image for the challenge.

Again, I am left waiting.  It’s the third time someone forgot to pick me up at school this month.  Mom will blame Dad and Dad will blame Mom.  I blame them both.  I was not given a say.  Living half my life with one and half with another.  Which also means all of my life without someone.

They say it will get better.  They say they just have to work out a better schedule.  Ever since the separation I am told just give it time and the kinks will get worked out.  But I know better.  This is the new norm.  I am done waiting.  I’ll just walk.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Graceful

daily post weekly photo challenge

The idea of gracefulness, in my mind, is closely intertwined with that of a certain type of beauty.  It gives its observer the feeling that everything is exactly as it should be, that all is right in the world…even if it’s not.  A graceful image can be an escape from the difficulties and conflicts of our day to day lives.  

We cannot live every moment in a state of grace but we should perhaps seek out a few moments of it each day.  It can provide us with a sense of perspective and appreciation for things outside of ourselves and our own little bundle of worries.

This picture was taken in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  The majestic mountains sprawled under a wide-open sky and overlooking a sleepy two-lane highway evoke a sense of balance and beauty.

“Is it me?”

I was at the tailor yesterday. He had to take measurements and yet again, his hands were where it shouldn’t be. They always were but with my mother not around, it was more obvious now. I walk…

Source: “Is it me?”


I found this in the Community Pool comments section and — what with the women’s marches this weekend — thought it would be appropriate to share.  I feel like every woman at some point has been made to feel this way and that is why there is so much opposition by so many women to Trump.  Not all women, but those who finally recognize that we are not the ones to blame.